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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a specialised form of Hypnotherapy.
It is a pioneering hybrid therapy which also incorporates Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It was developed by world renowned Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.

What happens in an RTT session?

Regression therapy to identify the root cause and relevant limiting beliefs

RTT techniques


What is the length of a session?

A duration of a session is usually 2 hours.

How many sessions?

It can take between 1-3 sessions depending on the issues/conditions. Sessions are normally spaced apart by 3-4 weeks.

Hypnosis recording

Each client receives a tailor made recording from each session that they will be advised to listen to daily at least for 21 days so that reprogramming can happen effectively.


Bespoke packages are available for certain conditions that also incorporate teaching of relevant positive psychology tools, breathing techniques, recommended tasks / reading and 1 hour coaching support in between the sessions.

Which conditions / issues are supported?

Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Auto-Immune Conditions, Chronic Illness, Trauma, Tumours, Fertility, Weight Loss, Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues, Lack of Purpose and Abundance Blocks.

The Process


Discovery call / Taster Session


Session - in person or via Zoom


Bespoke Audio


Follow Up / Coaching Session


Energy Healing (Optional)

Highly Qualified

Qualifications and relevant credentials: CC.Hyp, Advanced RTT, MPMH, CPPD, MBA, BSc(Hons), CertArtTherapies, CertHigherEducation, Dip. Sound Healing & Therapy


Based in St Albans and available worldwide via Zoom


See how Rapid Transformational Therapy has helped others


There's nothing quite like a word of mouth recommendation.
See what others have said after their sessions with Beejal.

She is a True Gem. She will help you heal your heart and soul.

Laura Lee Kenny, Canada

I am very appreciative of the sessions I had with you. They were Awesome!

Jenevieve Ferns, Malaysia

Truly transformative sessions

Sugandha Mathur Anand, India

I'm very happy I found her and would definitely recommend her!
Charlotte Dibley, UK

I had an amazing calming incredible experience

Shivani Ladwa, UK

Totally convinced my life is changing
Marion Adams, UK

I felt very comfortable, in a trusted and relaxed atmosphere

Chantelle Platter, Israel

I feel focused on a healthy lifestyle and my family are also benefiting.
Janice Van Huizen, UK

What is Quantum Life Technique?

Quantum Life Technique™ is a pioneering modality derived from the theory of Quantum Physics, latest research in Neuroscience and principles of Neuroplasticity. It comprises of Guided Meditation as well as Visioning, Visualisation, NLP, and Positive Psychology and works with the superconscious, subconscious and conscious mind. Beejal Coulson is the Creator / Founder of Quantum Life Technique™.

It reveals to you your highest future potentials and helps you align to them. Its a great way of discovering your mission / purpose, seeking clarity, achieving goals and empowering yourself. It provides a fast track to the future! It’s such an exciting and magical process!

Here is a podcast interview of how QLT came about and the principles behind it before it even had a name!

Listen to Beejal talk about Quantum Life Technique - what it is, how it came about, the benefits, the process, who it’s for and how to find out more.

Quantum Life Technique Training Academy

If you are an established mindset coach, hypnotherapist, therapist or healer interested in practitioner training with Beejal in how to unlock yours and your clients highest potentials and align to them using this pioneering modality then register your interest here:

Conversation with Claire Linturn and Beejal Coulson by about Quantum Life Technique. Claire is a QLT practitioner

What is Quantum Life Technique? What are the benefits? Who can benefit? Hear a live testimonial experience of QLT Learn how Claire integrates QLT into her practices as a hypnotherapist, rapid transformation therapist and Akashic Healer.

Why Choose Me?

After living with IBS for many years, experiencing a nervous breakdown and being diagnosed with Anxiety and Hypothyroid I have been able to be liberated from the understanding of the root causes and be reprogrammed to live life without compromise as a result of training in and experiencing Rapid Transformational Therapy. I am a highly experienced with an astounding track record of successes.

My curiosity to want to live an extraordinary life led me to creating and founding Quantum Life Technique. I discovered my highest potentials and aligned to them and shared the process with my clients who were able to fast track their futures.

Work with me and your life will be transformed and you will be empowered so you too can live the life you love.

Train with me to keep evolving, discovering and aligning to your highest potentials and help your clients fulfil their souls purpose.

From breakdown to breakthrough

Here is a podcast interview about how Beejal went from breakdown to breakthrough and the remarkable unfolding of her journey.

Vision Board Workshop

Activate your future with a vision board.

A fun, creative, interactive online group session using creative coaching techniques and processes to evaluate within your life/business where you are currently, followed by a guided group meditation to connect with your higher mind to clarify your highest potentials.

The Vision Board Workshop is a springboard to drawing in your future and amazing opportunities to live the life you love, love and love.

Some feedback from Visionboard participants:

"I am still quite amazed what I’ve envisioned with my vision board! The reflective questions and meditation in particular brought me into a higher vibration of abundance. I hope all your visions + dreams come true! Much love." - Deirdre

"I am so impressed how beautifully all came together. It just makes my heart sing. And also, while I was doing my fun part, I have realised that I forgotten to dream of the beautiful places I truly want to visit and enjoy. Such skiing in Switzerland. Exploring Alaska, Canada. And I love Scotland. I realised that for quite sometime my dreams were suppressed by “reality “ - bills, mortgages and etc. That realisation really opened my eyes! And symbol of my success is a smile.  Which is all over my vision board." - Tania 

"This has been an absolute joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you" - Kerry

"Hiya, I’m so happy to be a part of this life affirming group. Love your boards! They are so focused and made me realise that mine is maybe lose, but I put things on by what I was drawn to and on reflection my word was open, and my board reflects that I think. Also like you Tania I’ve suppressed my desires because of bills, responsibilities forgetting that there are no boundaries, the universe is abundant, expansive, free and OPEN to everything and everyone. Thank you for that." - Kim


IGNITE Humanity Live

I had such a wonderful time sharing my story and inspiration at Humanity Live. We can all do more for humanity and that starts with coming together and finding what connects us all.


The event was filled with some great insights and exciting moments.

IGNITE Possibilities Book

Relaunching June 2022

This book is a collection of such moments as experienced by 37 unique people from around the world whose Ignite Moments proved not only revelatory but life-changing for themselves and others. Regular people share their personal stories of how a single moment unlocked a deep belief that anything and everything is possible for everyone, moving them to take action in a whole new way and empowering them to claim the life they dreamed of having. Let these stories inspire, uplift, and recharge you as you set about pursuing your own dreams and a life of infinite possibilities!

My story is all about empowering the creator in you. To accompany my story I have created a special hypnosis audio ‘Empower the creator in you


IGNITE Your Inner Spirit Book

Launched 11th December 2020

Ignite Your Inner Spirit features 35 stories of people connecting to their inner selves and transforming their lives for the better, and gives you tools to help you strengthen your connection with your own Inner Spirit too! In sharing my story, I hope you will be inspired to make one small change in your life, trusting that it will generate momentum and create a profound ripple effect. You are not alone. We are enveloped in and guided by a divine love that is far greater than what we see with our eyes. By taking one step at a time, following your joy, and trusting your intuition, you will keep moving forward. Inner Spirit has been designed to IGNITE and inspire everyone on the planet who longs to connect to their unique and beautiful Inner Spirits so that their resulting sense of purpose will bring forth both positive change and beneficial connections to the world as a whole.

IGNITE Happiness Book

Launched 27th August 2020

More than ever people are awakening to the belief that we need more happiness in the world. So where do you find it? And how do you spread it far and wide? How do we guide all of humanity to the fruit of the happiness tree? Beejal is a contributing author to Ignite Happiness. She shares her story of her deepening connection to nature. Let the inspiring and uplifting stories, activity steps, and workbook pages inside this book show us the way.

Watch Beejal sharing her insights into journey of her connection to nature and writing for Ignite Happiness. 

IGNITE Female Change Makers Book

Launched 30th May 2020

Beejal Coulson is a contributing author amongst 50 global female change makers who share their stories on how they enacted change in themselves and the world around them. Beejal shares her story of how she went from a breakdown to a breakthrough and transformed her life to create global impact as a change maker.


I have over 27 years of combined experience in business/psychology academia, marketing and personal development industry.

I am qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist / Advanced Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, having trained live with world renowned Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.

I have a Certificate in Art Therapy and Diploma in Sound Healing & Therapy.

I am a 4 times international best selling amazon author:

I am a Positive Intelligence Coach trained by Shirzad Chamine.

I created and founded Quantum Life Technique™ and QLT Training Academy.

I am a trainer and mentor to mindset coaches, hypnotherapists, therapists and healers worldwide

I am highly experienced, conscientious and committed to delivering profound life transforming sessions.

Beejal Coulson


St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom



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